At The Altar of Holi-ness

At The Altar of Holi-ness


The lineage of YSS Gurus has been there since time of Mahavatar Babaji, the mahayogi

They are reminder of the eternal truth, that we are there to be Gods, not just bhogi or rogi

For the divinity within can be found by searching deep within, one has to just patiently search

It is quite a challenging path, for many obstacles and distractions in the path do lurch

Keep your faith steady, keep the eye on the goal and surely the soul would retract to its source

Where there is no pain, sickness or sorrow, there is pure bliss and joy, not a particle of remorse

Raja Yoga is the path which is the royal highway to the real God within your own self you will find

For to attain such a state, you have to deeply meditate, then only the Grace will come when He is kind

On the occasion of Holi festival, let us Pray that our lives be also filled with the colours of grace

No matter how you are, the Lord will never forsake you, the Divine will always lovingly embrace

The colours of holi represent the cheerfulness within where we have to reach to really enjoy within

That is the true celebration when we actually remember our true self, admist all thick and thin

When the lotus of brahma opens, that is the time when you get liberated from the cycle of birth

That is the time when you actually become satisfied and happy, when there is not any longing or dearth

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