Happy Holi

Happy Holi


Holi is the festival of colours when our life gets filled with colours so vivid and bright

It is the time when you should shun all laziness, all bad habits and let there be light

It is good to play hard on this day, to celebrate by throwing colours and water on each other

Let this day be a game changer, forget all enmity, let everyone be your sister and brother

The real significance of holi is to fill our lives with colour so deeply from within

That you always remain cheerful, no matter what the circumstances, thick or thin

Just take care not to throw chemical colours for they could damage the environment and skin

But if it is a pure and natural colour, you should not spare anyone but colour from toe to chin

Avoid the eyes, do not put colour in them for they are so delicate and pure

And if chemical goes into them, just wash thoroughly, else they will be hard to cure

Let us vow to celebrate Holi in a safe and sound manner, especially kids please just listen

If you follow the rules and play safely, it will be much less tension and much more fun

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