Forms of the Vaanar Avatar: Bajrangis

Forms of the Vaanar Avatar: Bajrangis

Lord Hanumanji was born in the vaanar clan and is our aradhaya

He has the power to vanish all evil and conquer diseases asaadhaya

Such is the mahima that even bajrangis areĀ  considered pious and holi

Whenever you get the opportunity, worship Him with roli and moli

Feeding bajrangis is considered as an act of pleasing the Divine Lord

For the ancient texts say, not only in them but every living form is God

Try not to eat meat, for your hunger some innocent beast waits slaughter

Even they have relations, they have parents, brothers, sisters, daughter

Banana is the favourite food of bajrangis, they eat with all their heart

Giving them with faith and devotion, cleanses us of all filth and dirt

From the mind, from the soul, the inner consciousness cleanses and shines

No amount of enjoyment can give that peace, neither whisky, beer or wines

It is not that they are called the ancestors of mankind for they are class apart

People might consider themselves intelligent, but they are even more smart

Let us celebrate this holi and offer our devotion to VaanarRaaj Lord Hanuman

Make sure you remember Him with all your man, karm, vachan and praan


Editor’s Note: for those not proficient in Hindi, here is translation of few words used above

araadhaya: one who is worth the devotion

asaadhaya: illness which is difficult to cure

holi: an Indian festival of colours

roli/moli: things used during Prayer customers in Hinduism

karm: karmas

vachan: vow

praan: life force

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