Why Teach So Much O’ Life?

Why Teach So Much O’ Life?

When life teaches you new lessons night and day

Sometimes you just get bit frustrated and you say

Why the heck are you teaching me so much

Who has time to spend centuries here as such

We are all here for a short duration of few decades

The illusion of permanency here are all facades

Yet that delusion of permanence covers all our thought

We just keep learning ever more than life has taught

Unless you learn the secret to go beyond, there is delusion

In this world of temporary existence, there is illusion

Dont teach me so much, let me learn on my own

Karma is another great teacher, what you have sown

If you think of the life as a short journey, its full of beauty

Do not worry for pleasure or pain, just do your duty

For in the end everyone will go on their own way

Who has come to live forever, how long to stay

Whatever time you have got spend will full joy

Just think of nature as a God gifted toy

Do not fight, nor carry hatred, its all futile

Just help everyone, and make your karma agile

Do what your heart yearns for, learn all that you can

For so the Saints say, this is the truth of man

If you look back your entire life, you should not regret

Whatever you could not achieve, just keep trying do not fret

In the end its the effort that matters, results are not in your hand

If you grip the life too tight, it will just slip like a quick sand


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