Experiments with truth: Faith healing experience

Experiments with truth: Faith healing experience

Most of you guys might think from the title that this post has something to do with Mr MKG but it is not so, just that the title is bit similar, just a coincidence. Basically this is about the faith healing experience of one of our readers. For the sake of privacy as requested by the reader, we have changed the name, place and other identifiers from the story but the story is genuine as evident from medical reports.

The Prelude 

I had been blessed with good health since childhood with no major accidents or broken bones and was bit afraid of the white collared men or women with the plastic piped instrument across their necks which seemed to divulge our inner secrets to the unknown ears. One day after I had trouble urinating I found myself in a very uncomfortable situation. A couple of days braving the situation alone and then I gave me and went to the same people I feared.

The Problem

As is the usual procedure, I was made to go through various tests and a scanning which confirmed a small yet definite deposit of salts inside the kidney, a stone to be precise which was not of a huge dimension though. I was told to drink lots of water, eat lots of medicine and keep an outlook for any passage. Though I was also advised that I need not worry about missing the passage since it is not so easy and does leave a trail often in the form of blood. Whoever said Rambo isnt real!

The Pause

Finally it was a lull for few months but slight symptoms in between assured me that the stone was still present and not going away easily. I used to hear stories from seniors, elders, friends and well wishers about how they had to undergo different procedures and surgeries etc

The Prayers

One day as I was listening to a preacher who is well known for his prayers and its effect on people with different diseases, and alongside doing my work with the television on nearly mute volume, all of a sudden I had an intuition that I have to watch for a while. As I switched on the volume, the prayers were going on and at the very moment, the person said that everyone with kidney stones should lay their hand on their abdomen and pray along. I automatically obeyed and for a minute or two I was quite immersed in that. After that I forgot all about it and carried on with my work.

Post Prayer

After a couple of days of the prayer incident, I suddenly felt the same symptoms once again which were experienced several months ago. Lo and behold, the danger was still there and I was not at all ready for the next phase.

As usual the scanning was done again and presto, this time the stone had disappeared. Doctor suggested that the bladder infection this time was possibly due to the final scratching which was done by the stone while passing through

At the time of writing this story, the treatment is still going on for infection but there are certain coincidences and happenings which cannot be put to chance. It is just another indication along with millions of others which we receive in our whole life that point to a benevolent intelligent creative life force which takes care of all of us

Unless Ye See Signs and Wonders, Ye Shall Not Believe….¬†


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