How Can I Remove Negative Energy Without Psychic Help?

How Can I Remove Negative Energy Without Psychic Help?

We all like to stay away from negativity and acquire more positivity. Of course from a deeper spiritual perspective, they are just different sides of the same coin and hence should not matterĀ much but from a worldly perspective it does make a lot of difference. Do you know what are the negative energy signs and how can a psychic remove negative energy from you house?

Get rid of negative energy

In order to remove the negative energy from your house or office, you first need to check whether the place has a negative energy or not. There are many ways for it and one common way is to have a small quantity of sea salt along with a glass of water

Just put a glass of water with a tablespoon of seasalt in it and leave it overnight. If the glass gets smudged then it means that the place has negative energy of vibrations.

Important Note:

When we say negative energy we do not necessarily mean any ghost etc but it could be just simple plain negative vibes due to some reason or the other. Most people get scared thinking that negative energy is associated with negative forms and hence tantriks and pakahndi sadhus take advantage from them. So you dont need to be scared.

What to do if test is positive?

One often thinks that if the test of negative energy is positive, means that if such energy is found in the house then what should be the next step. At this stage most people fall prey to unscrupulous elements who try to loot you in the name of healing or removing negative energy.

On the contrary the good news is that the cure is not as difficult as you might think but following a few basic steps you can ensure that positive energy rules at the place again.

Step 1

It is an age old saying that cleanliness is next to Godliness and the old people did not make this for nothing. Experts say that one of the simplest and first step is to do a thorough cleaning round of the home, place or the room where you detect negative energy.

It is not a one time process but should be regular even if not daily. Make sure dust and dirt are not present and you either vacuum or mop the place and make it clean

Step 2

Even a clean room which is full of clutter and things are not arranged properly can be a source of negative energies, so make sure you arrange the things thoroughly and in an orderly manner. Haphazard and unorganized place is susceptible to negative energies

Step 3

Take a good incense stick preferably herbal one and light it and just spread its fragrance across the various nooks and corners of the place. You can top it up by spraying a good and soothing room freshener as well.

Step 4

Keep the place well ventilated and allow maximum natural light but of course make sure you do not open doors and windows at a time when there is a dust storm as it will bring in lots of dirt and you would need to clean it again.

Step 5

Meditation is the best way to bring out your own positive energy from the infinite source hidden within yourself. So try to meditate regularly at the place and the holy vibrations will surely fill the place overwhelmingly very soon.

Step 6

You can put mirrors and plants at the place if it is possible and it will add liveliness and positivity to the place.

Step 7

People in the Orient have a habit of clapping loudly while chanting devotional songs and this goes a long way to clean the place of negative vibrations and filling with positive ones. So while meditation you can also chant your favourite devotional song with clapping

Step 8

The orient has the concept of Satsanga where a holy person is called to give pravachanas or pure knowledge of the Divine as a discourse. If possible arrange a yagna, satsanga or Jagran at the place may be just once a year and all should be fine

There could be lot more steps but this much should be sufficient to remove the negative energy from your home or any other place.

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