Time To Go: The Eternal Home

Time To Go: The Eternal Home

When a realized soul reaches the final destination in the form of Samadhi, it is time to leave for another world, not in the manner in which we understand but from a different perspective altogether.


When the time to go is approaching and soon it will come very near

It would mean the end of all tribulations, all peace and no fear

No matter what they do, your soul they cannot burn nor tear

So the Saints keep saying, recite the Name but you don’t hear

This is make a new body but your past accounts it wont clear

That you have to do through meditation and tapa o mortal dear

Come on this is not the time to be sad but to be joyful with cheer

It cannot destroy your good karmas, your soul it cannot smear

All those who have been with you, at your body they will lear

Yet you will be immortal neither hurt by harpoon nor spear

The soul is the core of everything; the body is the second tier

Even though when under maya, it so might not appear

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