The Iron Lady: End of an Era

The Iron Lady: End of an Era

Metaphysics Knowledge pays homage to the demised CM of TN. Although we are not a political portal yet we respect every individual. We are not putting this post for any political motive of bias but just to emphasize the fact from the spiritual point of view that whether a pauper or a king, life is temporary for everyone so one should just keep progressing spiritually.


She was one of the most popular and mighty emperors of this day

Who lives on for ever, every soul has a temporary abode and stay

When the final hour comes, the soul yearns to go back to its original source

We should pay our full respect to the body but should not feel any remorse

For the body is not the end, it is just a transformation from one life to another

So learn from this that you need to do your best, O ye sister, O ye brother

Do your karma with the best of intentions, just think about the good of humanity

Even if you reach the highest pinnacle, be humble, and do not lose your sanity

She is an epitome of what every women should aim to achieve

That everything is possible, if you work hard, if you believe

O Amma, we pay our respects to you, may you find peace in the afterlife

May your next incarnation be even on a higher plane, beyond any pain or strife

With these words we leave the viewers to ponder about the life in deep

If you want to achieve something, just keep dreaming even when ain’t sleep

Yet now let us turn to the spiritual perspective, we are not here to praise or blame

For we deal only in the spiritual side of things, for us it is not a political game

No one is concerned about her soul, everyone on TV is talking about the state

It is a time for the TV channels to discuss the impact, it is a mater of debate

For a Saint, a sage or a renunciate it is just another body which left its form

For it is not an exception in this world, rather it is the fixed truth and norm

Let everyone take a lesson for his or her own life, without any second thought

That to rise of pleasure, pain, power, weakness is what such things have taught

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