Buying From Small Vendors

Buying From Small Vendors


There are big stores which are bothered about how much profits to make

And there people who even dont know what in evening, home they will take

So when you buy your stuff, try to do your shopping from such small vendors

Rather than buying from big fat merchants, who are often tax offenders

Try to give them slightly more than what is the actual existing market rate

You will feel a pleasure of another kind, heavens will open their gate

Such small acts of daily life can help to make their both ends meet

They sit there all day long, enduring the rain, cold and the scorching heat

They are not begging but trying to make a decent living out of their stuff

They are pretty simple and straightforward, they do not know how to bluff

Your small act can help many such vendors and merchants on the street

Just help them if you can by buying but be sincere, do not cheat

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