Books on Street: Shoes in Showroom

Books on Street: Shoes in Showroom

It was envisioned by the seers long long time in history far back

In Kaliyuga there will be a time when knowledge’s value will lack

These days, this seems to be coming true as books are sold in kilos

They are not portrayed openly but just kept in obscure dusty silos

While the shoes are kept in perfect condition, so clean and shining

Books which are so precious being the source of knowledge mining

However this might be the case, still the power of knowledge is supreme

No matter how great the kaliyuga, how intense, how much extreme

Knowledge is power, it was so and it will be provided it is gained with care

When you are armored with the this power, you dont need to scare

For it is a vehicle which can help you in this world & beyond, its true

Just try learning material or spiritual, it will help you through and through

Neem trees are decreasing but the bitterness in the hearts is on the rise

Whereas bitterness should be eaten to purify blood, so says the wise

The sweetness which should be in the tongue is in diabetes these days

While the tongue is turning bitter, such are these strange modern ways

However I am not disappointed, nor pessimistic for always focus on the goal

Despite these things, the inner self is pure, just try to find your own soul

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