Nation States vs Globalization

When the world is busy glorifying countries and nation

The Saint is above all these divisions, such is the elation

Patriotism might be good but only to a certain extent brother

Why are we trying to prove a piece of land better than other

For people live on both sides of the border, busy in routine life

Each family and individuals having similar joys, sorrows and strife

When the warrior says to pick the weapon and to just fight

It is only meant to do the karma and not to show the might

When the universe will become one family, it will be satyuga era

Ttherwise dharma is moreĀ  of exhibition in ashrams and dera

The soldiers on the border are sincerely doing their duty

To respect and honour them is certainly a thing of beauty

Let us not get involved in dirty politics or manipulations any more

Just live life with a purpose and have some good deeds in store

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