Mayan calendar predictions

Mayan calendar predictions

Mayan civilization was found in the present day Mexico. This was culture that started in the 1800 B.C. The Mayans were very civilised and advanced. They were very good with astronomy. The Mayans had written a lot of books. The civilization mysteriously vanished later on. The experts say that they were victims of a drought as a result they evacuated the city and moved to other parts of the world. However, the work of the Mayan civilization is still read all across the world. The experts belive, that the Mayan’s had a lot of knowledge about many things. They also had psychic powers. This is exactly why they had developed a Mayan calendar. The predictions in this Mayan calendar were for years to come. We will now discuss the Mayan calendar in detail.

The Mayan Books

The books that the Mayan’s had written are very old. Some of them have missing pages too. This is exactly why the Mayan calendar predictions cannot be trusted completely. Some of the most popular Mayan calendar predictions was the doomsday that was to come on 21st December 2012. The Mayan calendar ends on this day. It said that there will be a beginning of a new era in human history on this day. The world was expecting that on this day the world will definitely end. However, the scientists had clarified that there was no threat to earth. We did survive this fatal day and moved on.

The Predictions

Some say that the predictions of the Mayan calendar have come true at times. The Mayan calendar mentioned that huge flying birds will come and they will bring doom. This is exactly what happened in 9/11 attack. Planes destroyed the twin towers. The Mayan tribe had mysterious abilities. They had also predicted that Hitler will rise and he will become a strong power. There was a mention of this in the Mayan calendar prediction.

The world war was mentioned in the Mayan calendar too. It said that there will be a big fight and there will be lots of lives lost. The predictions did come true. There was also mention of the attacks in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The Tsunami that killed a lot of people was already mentioned in the Mayan calendar prediction. There was a mention that the sea will raise. This is what exactly happened. There is a difference in the exact time of occurrence may vary a little but the incidents more or less came true.

The Mayan calendar had also predicted that there will be a man who will change the way world look at revolution. They indicated at Mahatma Gandhi and his ideas on peace and non-violence.

We have to accept that these predictions were made thousands of years ago. It is not possible that all the predictions will come true. The language and the words that they have used were vague. This is exactly why these predictions become clear only after the incident has happened. Some say that these are just hoax. After these incidents happen people turn the wordings of the Mayan calendar predictions to prove that they were actually mentioned in there.

There can be both the sides to the coin on Mayan calendar predictions too. Some say that they are hoax and some belive them completely. The choice is up to you. We hope you found this post on Mayan calendar predictions interesting.

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