Lockdown is Difficult? Think Again

Lockdown is Difficult? Think Again

If you feel that you are discomforted for a while

If you feel that lockdown has affected your lifestyle

Think again before you complain and see the needy

Just see how much you have and are still being greedy

There are people out who don’t know about next bread

Without any proper home, they just exist though not dead

Before you complain about the nature being too strict

Think about those for whom hunger is a daily addict

People travel hundreds of miles just on foot to reach

And you sit there in your cozy chair and you preach

First get to know first hand the experience of real life

See the pain, sorrow, suffering and know what is strife

Then only you can complain about life being not fair

Then only can you stand tall, in the face of life stare

Do not think what you can take but what you can share

Nature is just to everyone, neither anyone does it spare

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