Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day


On this day, the Mother’s Day just remember the mother is not so docile

She is the power which supports this world, not at all frail or fragile

Even the Gods worship the Mother, she has the place Supreme above all

If you do not respect the Mother, be sure you are preparing for a great fall

Yet in this world, there are so many forms of Divine Mother left alone

What has happened to this world, why has it turned so much into hard stone

If you take the blessings of any Mother in the world, you will always rise

So say the Gods, so say the Saints, so say the learned and the wise

On this Mother’s day take a vow, never to insult your Mother nor any other

It is the Divine in the nearest form, remember you o-sister, o-brother

If you incur the wrath of the Divine Mother, Kaali, Shaki or Durga in any form

You will face such fury, which is greater than you have seen in any storm

Let us celebrate this day, rather each day, with all the pomp and show

Then you life will certainly light up, you will receive the eternal glow

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