Calling Govinda: The Deeper Spiritual Significance

Calling Govinda: The Deeper Spiritual Significance


When Draupadi was being molested, she Prayed unto Govind, He came to protect

Even when eons away, any serious problem on His Bhakta, he could detect

Although it is good to have self dependency on the oneself, and not to be weak

Yet there is a deeper meaning to the story, which one should not twist or tweak

It is not about females being less capable that they need Kisna to come and save

Ancient times are filled with examples, Maa Durga, Kaali, Rani Jhansi so brave

It rather shows the universal spirit which is always there to protect the right

It may not be evident easily in this age, yet He does save from plight

If He wills, all obstacles and pain can vanish in just one second, even less

He can sort out your problems, create new life out of just sheer mess

Calling Govinda is not about being less brave, it is rather having communion with the Divine

To realize that no matter where the soul is born or what is does, it is your’s O Kisna, its Thine

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