Ganpati Ji From Chocolate: Visarjan in Milk – Innovative Minds

Ganpati Ji From Chocolate: Visarjan in Milk – Innovative Minds


Ms Rathod From Rajkot (India)

 Lord Ganesha is the remover of all obstacles, so we worship Him each year

This Bhakta thought of an innovative technique, to wipe off a hungry tear

She made the Lord from chocolate, it is as real as the other idols we Pray

The family Prays to the idol, offering prasadam and gifts each day

The main innovative idea is that at the end of festival what she will do

She will do the visarjan in a pool of milk, the chocolate will melt through and through

That milk chocolate will be used to feed the hungry kids on the street

Isnt this really an amazing idea, its such an astonishing yet simple feat

Even the Lord Himself would be very pleased to see His kids gulp the yummy milk

It will give them immense pleasure, as if they are eating the dairy milk silk

Of course the visarjan in the sea has been going on for years, literally ages

It has been prescribed by the ancient texts, and the wise and learned sages

Yet times have changed, nowadays we have too much poverty and less food

So it is always beneficial to devise ways to help the hungry and do some good

We should all take a leaf from the book of Ms Rathod and try something soon

If we all become innovative, world will be lot more better, it will be a boon

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