A Great Virtue: Humbleness

A Great Virtue: Humbleness

One of the greatest virtues of the world is to be polite and humble

Yet most of us despise this virtue, and against this we always grumble

Because everyday experience sometimes teaches us against this rule

That the one who tries to be humble is mostly made out to be a fool

Yet the wise say that despite the minor tribulations you might face

You need to be humble at most times, and just be within your grace

It is easy to be rude but it requires a lot of patience to be calm

When anger strikes, you just apply the cool cool mental balm

If anyone tries to take advantage of you being humble at any time

It might require very slight reprimand, that too should be sublime

For disturbance first creates ripples within oneself, then in the other

You will automatically be calm if you see all as your sis or brother

Do not have hatred against anyone in your mind, just keep chill

That is certainly a great challenge and it is a great joyous thrill

Just remember if you will play God, just let go of this desire

For if you try to take advantage, will consume you like fiery fire

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