Temperament, Capacity to Solve Problems

Difficulties are the real test of the mental strength of human beings. The strength and the ability to overcome difficulties is known as temperament. Everyone has his own way to react to difficulties and obstacles. This depends on the temperament of a person. According to numerology your ability to respond to the problems can be analyzed with your name and is categorized as physical, mental, intuitive and emotional. To see your ability to react to the difficulties, the calculation of Emotional Number is required.

Problems are of different categories, but problems related to emotions are the problems whose outcome has a strong impact on your life. Let us start by learning to calculate the Emotional Number.

Calculation of Emotional Number

Count the Emotional letters in use name and the emotional number is determined. The Letters B, I, O, R, S, T, X, Z are the emotional letters according to numerology. Let us discuss what to decipher from the results

Emotional (0)

Value 0 represents inability of the person to understand other the people. You are used to suppressing your ideas and feel a difficulty in expressing your ideas.

Emotional (1)

Value 1 shows your attitude towards life and your optimistic nature. In your domestic relationships you remain dominant and have a tendency to dominate your partner.

Emotional (2)

Value 2 shows that you do not like to remain alone. You always want company and have a tendency to feel lost when you do not have people you are closed to you around you. You are highly sensitive to the needs of the others.

Emotional (3)

This value shows that you are comfortable while expressing your emotions and can easily talk  about your dreams and desires. The affections of others are important for you. Bright and creative by nature you have a tendency to get easily bored. This characteristic results in your taking all decisions with your heart.

Emotional (4)

This value shows represents your loyalty and practicality. You are very much concerned and serious towards your emotions. Feeling of being reserved in emotional life always remains in you.

Emotional (5)

Value 5 shows that you love adventure and excitement. In order to be popular you have a tendency to change your interest faster as compared to other people. You do not carry emotional affections permanently which do no let you be freer.

Emotional (6)

In this value a stable domestic life is always a permanent desire in you and in order to get this you can make sacrifices up to any extent. This factor influences your emotional decisions with happiness. You have the capacity to take the responsibilities on your shoulders.

Emotional (7)

Value 7 represents your perfectionist nature. You always hide your emotional commitments from others in spite of deep emotional commitments.

Emotional (8)

Value 8 shows that you always put your career first than other things. Your personal relationship is always dominated by you although you are a friend indeed.

Emotional (9)

Value 9 represents your ability to change your mood according to a situation. You are a  romantic by nature. You pretend to trust others. You feel the emotions from the core your heart.

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