Apollo Line: The Line of Success

Apollo Line: The Line of Success
The line of Apollo goes by various names in Palmistry. It is at times referred to the Line of  Sun, Line of Brilliance or even the Line of Success.  The Apollo line symbolizes happiness and the achievements in one’s life.
No one hand is the same; hence the reason that the Apollo line is seen on different places on the palm. However the common thing is that the Line of Apollo will end at the Mount of the Sun which is located just above the heart line, at the base of the ring finger.  There are instances where the Line of Apollo is absent from the palm altogether.
The existence of a well defined Line of Apollo denotes great artistic talent. The presence of the line may not indicate that the person is talented, however that the person may have an attractive personality.  The person may just have a keen eye for anything artistic say for example paintings. The appearance of the Line of Success also signifies happiness and achievement.
The positioning of the Line of Apollo high on the palm denotes success. Where there are multiple Lines of Apollo present, this may reflect that the person may have multiple talents but has not mastered any; jack of all trades, master of none.
On palms where there is no Line of Apollo, it denotes that there are sentiments of happiness being unattainable.  In some cases if a star appears on the line of Apollo, it denotes that a substantial amount of money will be gained.
Positioning of the Line of Apollo
  • Apollo line leading from the line of life denotes a life pledged to things that are beautiful.
  • Apollo line leading from the Mount of Moon (located at the base of the palm opposite the thumb), promises success.
  • Apollo line leading into the Plain of Mars denotes success after difficulty.
  • Apollo line rising from the Line of Heart denotes great taste in form of anything artistic.
  • A parallel Sun and Fate line with a straight Line of Head denotes the attainment of wealth.

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