Death of Celebrities: A Different Perspective

Death of Celebrities: A Different Perspective

Such is the modern day commotion and celebrity hype

For one’s own elders they dont have time to just wipe

The tears of their elders, parents with whom they relate

These loved one they dont even know what is their fate

But for unknown celebrities which they havent even met

They mourn so much and so much they are sad and fret

It is not wrong to respect celebrities for they have achieved

Their share of fame and wealth they have already received

Lived their live with all the pomp and show before death

They have enjoyed all luxuries of life till the last breath

The ones who really deserve your attention are your own

In your life who are close and the seeds that they have sown

Due to which you are a blossoming tree from the tiny birth

Make sure you take care of them and they do not have any dearth

Then you will fulfill you responsibilities which are there upon you

Rather than caring for unknown celebrities known out of the blue

This might seem harsh but this is the truth of life my friend dear

If you live by this principle, you have nothing to worry or fear

Even the media who covers celebrity deaths with so much news

They only have their ratings in mind, to increase their views

No one is actually concerned with the lonely departed soul

If you actually want to wish, Pray for this and the only goal

That the person who has left the body takes birth in such place

That he or she develops to return to spiritual abode with grace

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