Introduction to Numerology

What is Numerology? What can it be used for? Can it be used to predict the future? Through this article let us try and understand what Numerology is.

As the word itself suggests, study of numbers is termed as numerology. The study of numbers is based on one general principle that every number has an inner nature and individual vibrations associated with it.

It is not easy to believe that numbers have personality. To realize the personality of numbers what you need to do is just spend some time with yourself. You will realize that there are certain numbers that attract you. This is solely for the reason that numbers have a personality. These vibrations have an impact on the character, personality, talents and even weaknesses and needs of individuals.

Numerology takes into considerations an individual’s full name, birth date and birthplace. Each letter has a numeric value and the sum of numbers in the birth date, name and place relates to the cosmic vibration that a number commands.

Origin of Numerology

The origin of numerology is as alluring as the subject itself. The study of numbers is as old as 10,000 years. Egypt and Babylon are recognized as the places of origin of numerology. Pythagoras and his followers are said to have formalized the study some 2600 years ago in ancient Greece. Numbers have always been present in Chinese and Vedic cultures.


How to benefit from Numerology

Numbers can also be used to determine the best time for certain activities in a person’s life.  It can help you to create an insight and an understanding of your true self. Numerology as a study allows you to confirm your talents and take advantage of opportunities that may be lying unexplored. Numerology can help predict the course of your future. The aim of making these predictions is to change the course of unfavorable events or lessen the gravity of such events.

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