Introduction to Meditation



“Meditation brings wisdom; lack of mediation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what hold you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom”

A quote on Meditation by Buddha

Meditation also known as ‘dhyana’ is an important technique in Hinduism and other religions. Meditation is an all encompassing term used for a wide range of practices that aim at calming the mind and relaxing the body. Irrespective of the technique, Meditation allows one to look into one self and work towards practicing mental discipline. It helps acquire inner peace, conviction, strength and clarity of thought. The hectic pace of modern day life results in stress and fatigue that has an effect on our body and mind. This stress and fatigue make us unhappy, impatient and even frustrated. Regular practice of Meditation helps us to deal with this stress, fatigue and their ensuing consequences.

Meditation is an exercise that is undertaken with the aim of relaxing the physical body completely and then attempting to keep the mind free from all thoughts. This position may be maintained for a few seconds to a few hours depending on the level of skill one possesses. It is a technique that allows one to achieve Higher Self.

Meditation helps us to understand and control our own mind. It provides us with a technique that allows transforming negative thoughts to positive, from disturbed thoughts to peaceful, from ambiguous thoughts to clear thoughts. It is a spiritual technique the effects of which can be enjoyed for hours and hours at a stretch even when one is not in meditation. As one learns to move through the layers of emotions one is able to control the thoughts.

The benefits of meditation are manifold. Along with the spiritual benefits the physical and psychological benefits of this practice encourage one to make it a part of one’s daily routine. It has the ability to refill and rejuvenate mental and emotional energy creating new and positive attitudes and responses. While dissolving fears it reveals the treasures of the sub conscious mind. It is used for physical, mental and emotional health.

The most important benefit of Meditation is that it helps reduce stress which further keeps the mind relaxed and in control. It helps to strengthen the immune system keeping one away from disease and illness. High blood pressure, high levels of cortisol, depression, high levels of anxiety are conditions that can be easily dealt by practicing meditation. Meditation has also proved effective in fighting addictions, dealing with sleep disorders and improving breathing.  Controlling moodiness, emotional stability, enhancing will power, increasing memory are some more benefits that one can achieve by practicing meditation.

One of the best gifts that you will experience with meditation is inner peace and tranquility. It is an opportunity that allows you replenish your mind, body and heart. To put it in simple words Meditation is journey that allows contemplation on unexplored corners of the mind.

Come let us go through this journey together.

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