Origin of Astrology

Origin of Astrology

In this article we will learn about the origin of astrology and try to track and trace its history down the ages. Astrology main refers to the art and science of studying the affects that heavenly bodies have on the lives of human beings and other related aspects. I must say that the word “science” in the previous line might raise quite a few eyebrows since most of us born and brought up on the so called scientific age, normally tend to ignore or overlook the thought.

Origin of Astrology

The Origin of Astrology

Yet only a slight reflection would be sufficient to show that even though it seems neigh impossible, there are several instances where heavenly bodies exert influences on each other. The tides are affected by the lunar cycle and similarly solar storms have many effects on the Earth. Hence at least this should give an indication that the forces do have influences even at great distances.

Our endeavour at this website is not to encourage any sort of dogmatism or false beliefs or just present you with cooked up stories of superstitions, but try to sort out the wheat from the chaff and present you with a logical representation of the various facets of the metaphysical world, of which astrology forms an important part.

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The very basics of astrology are simple, actually its not the stars which affect you, but your own past actions (sounds more logical, right?) but the stars or rather the heavenly bodies only act as pointers to the destiny which is ultimately created by your own past actions, current actions and thoughts. I know this is a very vague description but this is just the beginning, you will come to know more as and when we progress along this study.

The Indian astrology or the Vedic astrology has its roots beginning more than 5000 thousand years ago and nothing can be said with certainty about it. Names of great sages including Vashishta, Bhrigu, Parsara and Garga have been associated with astrology. There are several texts which tell in detail about Jyotish or astrology. We will be unfolding this knowledge over time here.

Apart from India, astrology had a deep impact on several ancient civilizations including Babylonia, Egypt, China, Greece and so forth and many famous scientific thinkers of the days of the yore contributed to this arena; the notable amongst them being Galileo, Jung, Copernicus and so forth. This might seem a bit odd but one of the reasons is that since astrology deals with the study of celestial bodies, earlier it was literally inseparable from astronomy which also deals with such studies, albeit from a different perspective.

Lastly I must add that whatever be the origin of astrology, still we are all interested to find out the affects of planetary bodies on our lives and perhaps seek advice and consultation regarding various problems we might be facing in life. We aim to provide you with a genuine source of information and a place where such metaphysical advice seekers and providers have a common platform to meet.

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