Introduction to Aura

The concept of aura is not easy to define or explain. The dictionary definition of the word is given as, “any subtle, invisible emanation or exhalation.” Regarding the origin of the word, it cannot be said for certain if it originates from Latin or Sanskrit. To put it in simple words aura is the golden glow, luminous radiation that we normally see around deities, holy beings. It is an energy field that we normally associate with divine beings but the truth is that we all have an aura, including ordinary human beings, animals and even inanimate objects. It is like a hazy bubble of light surrounding a body. Aura is also referred to as ‘the magnetic atmosphere’ or ‘psychic atmosphere’ of an individual.Aura of an individual is an indicator of personality, health and spiritual growth.

The aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds a body which in the case of human beings is referred to as Human Energy Field or HEF. It is a collection of electromagnetic energies. A human body emits these energies in varying densities. Electromagnetic waves around a healthy body form an oval shape spreading to around 2 to 3 feet in all directions. These waves originate from a center point termed as ‘auric egg’ and extending above the head and below the feet the waves are present varying in density.

Aura exists in seven layers and each layer relates to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual condition of an individual. These layers store energetic vibrations emanating from the thoughts, feelings, health and experiences of an individual. There are different colors that are associated with the aura. Each color represents different states of mental, physical and emotional health.

Aura is perceptible, detectable. It may be detected spontaneously. It can also be detected by putting in much practice. You can train your eyes to see your own aura as well as aura of others. To some extent we all can sense a subtle presence in the personality of others and respond with feelings of like and dislike. Children and even infants are considered susceptible to this subtle presence around a person.

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