Yoga For Weight Loss And Management

Yoga For Weight Loss And Management

In this article we will discuss yoga poses for weight loss and management. We live very busy lives and most of the day is spent in office sitting on a chair and looking at the computer. Where do we have the time to exercise and lose weight?

The Role of Yoga

Yoga is a good solution to those who want to lose weight effectively. Yoga is a practice that has been followed for thousands of years. Many people and doctors accept that Yoga is indeed very helpful. One of the most important benefits of Yoga is that it can help in losing weight fast. It can also help you to maintain the weight that you have lost. The best part about yoga is that there are no side effects of this if done correctly.

Alternatives to Yoga

When you join a gym and leave it soon you will be gaining back all the weight. However, when you do yoga and even if you take a break from yoga the chances of gaining back that weight is impossible. It can be done by all irrespective of the age.

Many celebrities will tell you that they maintain their weight with regular yoga. There is also a concept of power yoga that can help you to lose weight and be fit. Joining a gym can be expensive. With yoga you make a onetime investment and you enjoy the benefits forever.

Just join a yoga class and once you learn it just keep practicing it. Some people travel a lot due to their job for them it is not possible to hit the gym regularly. This is exactly why they most of the time skip the gym and the money paid is wasted.

With Yoga you can practice it anywhere and anytime. You can schedule your day accordingly and do the yoga. Now that you know the benefits of yoga for weight loss and management we will discuss some tips and poses that you must follow before you learn yoga.

Any Physical Ailment

You must tell the yoga teacher if you have any physical concerns so that they can suggest you yoga accordingly. You must ensure that you learn the yoga for weight loss and management correctly and do it regularly.

Duration & Timings

The duration of the yoga is also important. If you do half an hour of yoga today you must do the same tomorrow too. This is exactly why choose the duration you are most comfortable with.

Prefer to do yoga early in the morning. However, you can do it even during some other time of the day if early morning is not a possibility. The yoga classes are mostly for a week or two. Once you have learnt the Yoga you can practice it in your house. Try to get a yoga mat as that will make your yoga learning even more effective and interesting.

Yoga Poses Specific to Weight Loss

Yoga can be learnt and practiced for a lot of reasons. You must specify to the yoga instructor that you want to learn yoga for weight loss and management this will help the yoga teacher to guide you better.

If you are overweight you must practice the yoga slowly and do as much as you are comfortable with. Some people say that yoga is not very quick. Well yoga cannot make you lose five kilos in a week.

If you have such expectations you will be disappointed. It is slow compared to a gym or any other weight loss regime. However, you must take it slowly and practice it regularly. You will lose five to six kilos maybe in a month or two but this loss will be an effective one and it will be healthy

If you continue to practice the yoga chances of getting back this weight will become very less. This is exactly why we say that yoga for weight loss and management is the best way to get a healthy weight and maintain it.

Yoga must be made a life style you must enjoy it. When you do it for a month or two you will soon realise that you cannot do without it. Skipping yoga will make you feel restless.

When you reach this state you can be assured that the yoga for weight loss and management is working. There are many yoga poses that are recommended for weight loss.

Start these yoga poses slowly and as you learn them increase the number of rounds. This will help you to make the most of the weight loss regime and be healthy.

Suryanamaskara – This is a yoga pose that consists of 12 different poses. When all these poses are done one round of Suryanamaskara is considered to be complete.

Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar

We have a detailed article on this you can read that. This is recommended to people of all age. You can do about twenty rounds of the Suryanamaskara daily in order to lose weight and stay healthy. Ensure that you learn it well along with the breath in and out to get the most of it.

Pranayam – there are many types of pranayam. We have explained some of them in our other articles. Ensure that you do the pranayam on a regular basis to ensure that you lose weight. This is a breathing exercise. If you have asthma you must consult your doctor before you start learning this yoga.

Power yoga – it is a combination of yoga and aerobics. It is considered very effective in losing weight. We also recommend it to those who want to lose weight fast. There are special yoga classes that teach the power yoga.

Apart from these there are many poses that you can try in order to lose and maintain your weight and their details can be seen here. It depends on your health and fitness level that which is the yoga that you must practice and for how long.

If you feel even a slight discomfort while doing the yoga you must stop immediately and inform your instructor. This will ensure that you do the correct yoga and make the most of these yoga sessions.  Apart from regular yoga you must also keep your food in control if you want to make the most of these yoga sessions in order to lose weight and stay healthy.

Yoga for weight loss and management is effective and it has been proved by all. We would like people to follow the yoga asanas so that they can make the most of them. Yoga is definitely a very good way to lose weight. However, you have to be disciplined and you must have the patience to practice it regularly.

Even if you have a proper weight you must try to practice the yoga so that you remain fit always. After losing the weight you must continue to do the yoga regularly so that  you remain mentally and physically strong and active.

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