Auspicious Times In November 2013

Auspicious Times In November 2013

As the Diwali weekend is approaching fast we thought that we will give a quick list of auspicious times when you can do the pujas and do material activities such as buying gold etc. These if followed will ensure that there is prosperity in your house and your coming year goes really well. This article on auspicious times this festive season will help you to make the weekend even more special.


It is on 1st November 2013. On this day it is considered very auspicious to buy gold and also do a Dhanteras Puja. On Dhanteras Goddess Laksmi and Kuber are worshipped so that they bless the households with wealth and prosperity. This year the best time to do the Dhanteras Puja will be between 6:30 in the evening to 8:20 in the evening. If you are planning to buy gold on Dhanteras then you should buy it anytime between 7:30 to 9:30 in the evening. After the gold is bought you must keep it in the puja room for some time and then move it to the locker.

Auspicious Times

Auspicious Times

Yamandeep Daan

On 2nd November 2013 is Yamadeep daan. On this day fourteen lamps are lighted in different rooms of the house. These lamps can be of ghee for better results. Ensure that you keep the lamps ready so that at around 7:30 in the evening you can light them all.

On the 2nd November is Kali puja too. The best time for Kali puja would be 23:45 to 00:45 in the night. If you want to attend the kali puja you must visit a kali temple at these hours. Generally the Kali puja and Diwali fall on the same day but this year it is not so. If you can fast all through the day and do puja of goddess Kali in  the night then the goddess will ensure that you are protected from all evil all through the year.

Deepawali Day

We will now move to the 3rd November 2013 which is Diwali day. This is also the day when Diwali puja and Laksmi puja are also done. The best time to do Laksmi puja on 3rd November will be from 5:45 in the evening to 6:19 in the evening. Along with Goddess Laksmi you should also worship Lord Ganesh and Goddess Saraswati. This is also called the Diwali puja by some people. Also check out our article on tips to make Diwali more auspicious.

Govardhan Puja

4th November 2013 is the day when the Govardhan puja is done. It is also the New Year day for the Guajaratis. If you want to perform the Govardhan Puja then the best time for this on 4th November 2013 will be in the evening between 5:30 to 7:00. If you are a Guajarati and you want to visit the temple then you can do so in the morning itself. The whole day is auspicious. It is also a good day to start something new.


On the 5th November 2013 is Bhaidooj. On this day the sisters apply Tilak on the forehead of the brothers and pray for their long life. We have already discussed about the same in one of our previous articles. If your brother is not with you then too you can celebrate the day. All that you need to do is apply the Tilak on the wall that faces north. The whole day is auspicious and you can celebrate bhai dooj any time.


It must also be stated that though the mahurat or auspicious times have a great significance, but just in case you do not happen to remember or miss out on some of them do not worry. These times are more like external aids which help to magnify the vibrations or forces which you create with your actions otherwise the main power is still within. If you have a strong belief, faith and a sense of determination then all times are auspicious for you

We hope that this article on the muhurath will help you to understand the auspicious times this festive season. Have a great weekend of festivities. Just keep the timings in mind so that you can make the most of these days.

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