Top 10 Astrology Sites

Top 10 Astrology Sites

Top Astrology Sites

As soon as you Google any topic on astrology you are provided with a long list of websites. The list is so long that you will not even realise which one to follow.

This is exactly why we are providing a list of top ten astrology sites that you can refer to. These will help you to understand which are the sites that you must follow and why.

Before moving onto the list, let us recommend a very genuine site which we are not including in the list, since it would appear biased, since its our own website on which you are reading this article. We haven’t rated it as rating our own website has no meaning but still it is surely having tons of well researched material. There are many professional astrologers who are associated with this site. These astrologers will guide you and suggest you the best remedies. We will definitely suggest that if you have any astrological queries then do consult us using either our free astrology services or our paid services. Now we move on to the site ranks.

The ranks have been allotted as per the editor’s choice and as per the quality of the posts on the site. The first site that we must mention here is the This has a very high number of visitors. They have a good insight into astrological matters. We will recommend this site as the quality of the articles and services is very high. Their daily horoscopes are very popular.

The next site on the list of the top 10 astrology sites is the They specialise in astrological services. They provide all types of services that pertain to astrology. They have a team of well educated astrologers who specialise in the service.

There are lot of people who regularly visit the site and have benefited from the service of the astrologers. We recommend this site to all those who are interested in online astrological predictions.  They also specialise in numerology. Their numerology services are very popular. They have a lot of free services too, these services include generation of horoscope, analysing marriage compatibility, etc.

Another very popular website that must be mention d in the list is the This too has a huge traffic and is very popular. They have a complete list of solutions to all the astrological problems that one might face in life. They also make personalised horoscopes.

They have an attractive webpage that is filled with colours and is updated regularly. The site is a fun site. It has a lot of interesting aspects like lunar prediction, Chinese predictions, and also love forecasts. Their daily cookie feature is a very popular concept that attracts a lot of viewers. Even if you are not a serious follower of astrology you can refer this site.

Another popular editor’s choice of top ten astrology website is the This website is also immensely popular and has a good number of visitors. The site is very popular for its personalised and specialised services that it provides to the guests. It is basically a tarot site. We recommend it to all who follow tarot. They also provide daily horoscopes based on tarot reading. The site is very popular among those who follow tarot. The site is regularly updated too.

We will now move on to the next in the list it is called the This website is very popular and as the name suggests the website specialises in horoscope related services. It is again a very interesting website. It not only specialises in horoscopes but in many other predictions and astrological services too.

You might think that the title of the article is top 10 astrology sites but it has only 5, well this would make the article pretty long so keep a checkout for the part II of this article with next best 5 Editor’s Pick.

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