The Eternal Traveler Of Life

The Eternal Traveler Of Life


These few lines are dedicated to our NRI friends who have left home and hearth for bread, butter and gone to seemingly green pastures.

We often keep receiving letters and emails from such friends who are searching for solace.

Life is an amazing journey, we always want to travel far and wide

It is a good thing to go places, take everything in your stride

Yet a day comes when you feel tired and think it is time to give up

That is the time the Great Sage said, you drinketh from my cup

Just remember the verses of Gita, and every learned man, wise, the seer

Despite the tough going, keep smiling and you will find life filled with cheer

It was in the childhood that your Mom cared for you, it was such a love bliss

That was the eternal love, it was enornous care, it was the everlasting kiss

Try to dive within and the creator awaits you to comfort you in the arms

You will feel the similar bliss again you will forget the worldly charms

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