Time and tide wait for none

Time and tide wait for none


Most of us are wasting our lives and precious moments in matters so petty and mundane

That if we were to realize our fault, we will see how we have been so mad and insane

Time and tide wait for none, the clock keeps ticking and it never does stop

So if you want to progress, keep moving, do not halt but just go on and hop

Forget about other people, forget about praise and insult, forget pleasure or pain

Remember only what is your goal, how you have to reach, how you can attain

Whatever be your target, just be serious and dedicated and you will reach soon

There is no other way, there is no other curse, there is no other boon

Respect time and it will respect you, otherwise you will see the results in time

The eternal clock is ticking, it will go on, producing its own sweet melody and chime

At the end of the journey, when you are about to pass this world, you will look back

All things that seem so important to you, in them any interest or curiosity you will lack

Live life like a king, just be broad minded, just dont be afraid, be the master on your own

Only remember to put some good seeds, for you will only reap what you have sown

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