Challenges in Numerology

Life is full of struggle. There are obstacles and problems all through our lives. In numerology, these hurdles are called challenges. Challenges are weak points of our life path. These weak points are those which we must overcome to get success in life. Knowledge about these challenges can help us overcome them in the best possible manner.

Calculating the Challenges:

To calculate challenges we use the month, date and year of the birth. First we need to reduce every digit in birth date. For example:

September 8, 1985 will become Month (9) Day (8) Year (1985). Now we have to add and then reduce these digits to a single digit. Thus, month (9), day (8), year [1+9+8+5 = (23=2+3 = 5)]

The First Challenge: This is derived by subtracting the month and the day of the birth. As per our example, (9-8=1) will be the first challenge.

The Second Challenge: The second challenge is derived by subtracting the day and year of the birth. That would be (8-5 = 3). So number 3 will be for second challenge.

The Third Challenge: The third challenge can be identified by finding the difference between first and second challenge. In our case that would be (1-3 = 2).

The Fourth Challenge: The fourth challenge is derived by getting the difference between month and year. Our e.g. will give us (9-5 = 4).

The first challenge starts at birth and its end is calculated by subtracting the life path number from 36. As per our example, it will end at the age of 22. The second challenge will be in effect for next 9 years. The third one will also last for next 9 years and the fourth challenge will last for remaining years of life. The difference between the two numbers must be a number from 0 to 8.

The challenges of the number: 0 to 8

Challenge 0

The challenge of 0 may be many or may be coming from all directions. To be able to handle the challenge of 0, you have to be very strong and have faith in your own abilities.

Challenge 1

In these years, you are probably dominated by others. You are now in a period of learning self-reliance and to solve your problems independently.

Challenge 2

The challenge 2 suggests that you are lacking self-confidence and worry too much about other’s opinion.

Challenge 3

You try to do multiple things at one time in this period of life. You have talent of writing, speaking and acting but you are shy or afraid of being criticized.

Challenge 4

It suggests difficulty in work. Either you don’t like the work or don’t like the work you have been given. You have to learn to be responsible and understand the importance of working.

Challenge 5

In this period you desire freedom at any cost. You are unstable and you have to learn to control your impulses.

Challenge 6

You will face difficulty due to your insistence of high standard. You must learn to accept others way of living.

Challenge 7

There is tendency with this challenge is to be very critic of everything and it tends to bring difficulties due to your own unexpressed emotions.

Challenge 8

There is an assumption that satisfaction can only be attained by accumulating wealth and materialistic things. You must use your abilities to gain power and money with the relation of other things.

Once you know the motive or purpose of your life challenges, you will be able to overcome them with ease and confidence.

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