Use of Computers in Astrology

Astrology is one of the oldest professions since the dawn of human civilization. No one can deny the fact that it used to take hours to do all those calculations to generate a reliable report from client’s horoscope by hand but the use of computers in astrology has greatly reduced the time.

In this era of technology computers are used in every field, it’s use in astrology started somewhere in 1970s when personal computer became more common among general public and astrology software came in the market. Astrologers and astrology hobbyist could use these software and even make these programs themselves. At the beginning, computer’s use in astrology faced some criticism by astrologer’s community but soon it faded away due to its efficiency and fast speed.

Although it can never be compared with personal counseling of an astrologer with the client yet it can be very helpful in making astronomical calculations, make accurate planet position calculations, calculate the dates of important events for a chart, print these details on graphic charts, save and retrieve data to and from database files of an individual, keep in touch with clients online. Some astrological software are available in the market which generate colorful geographical maps. Some programs come with an electronic atlas giving details about the longitudes, latitudes and time zones for observation. Many attach even interpretive reports about various symbols on charts.

The ancient science of astrology has adapted itself to the modern times and there is an opportunity for students to get online education in astrology. Online education ensures easy access for students to learning and developing new software resulting in opening of new opportunities for research in the field of astrology.

Apart from these, online matrimonial match making is getting very popular among people. People get their children’s birth charts made while sitting at home; get their queries answered immediately via email.

So certainly computers and internet have added a new dimension to the field of astrology but one should not forget that computer is still a machine. It only calculates what it gets. Another problem is that it is making easier for anyone who has a computer and can afford to buy these astrological software, to become an astrologer. They just have to type client’s name and birth details, rest a computer does for them raising question on the authenticity of these reports.

Astrologers collect lots of money from public and people and there does not seem any real difference between a unique personalized report and a computer generated one. These reports certainly accurate and faster in calculations are lacking in personal psychological reading of client’s personality. Many qualified astrologers are practicing this to make quick money and it is getting tougher and tougher day by day due with the increasing competition in this field. Every astrologer aims at providing a deal cheaper than the other one. Astrologers should make people aware against these ‘fit for all’ computer-generated reports and should only use computers for calculations and should not follow this as the only way of generating canned reports, which can be found wanting in accuracy.

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