Mind Control Experiments

Mind Control Experiments
Mind Control Experiments

Mind Control Experiments

Mind is what we think. It makes us what we are. If we can learn to control our mind, we can control our lives too. In today’s world since the moment we are born a struggle to survive begins. That ends only when death comes. In between what happens becomes so insignificant. It may seem easy to say that mind control is possible. However, as we start to do it we realise how difficult this simple task can be. We will now discuss about mind control experiment as explained by Swami Vivekananda.

Swami Vivekananda was a scholar. He was the one who made the western world aware of India and what Hinduism was all about. He when asked about mind control experiments said that mind is free and it must be so. You should look at it as something that is within you but it is free. It can go anywhere. The first step to learn mind control is to let the mind go free and just sit and look at it wander. You don’t control it just let it go. You will be surprised to see what and all your mind can think of. Some of it might be very bad and violent.

The best time to practice Mind control experiments is in the morning or in the night just before sleep. This is so because these are the times when your mind is free and it is at complete peace. It may take you some time to get it right but as soon as you start practising it regularly you will be able to control your mind better. The number of minutes you should perform mind control experiments is equal to your age. If you are twenty than twenty minutes and the duration keep increasing.

You will notice that as you are doing this practice of letting the mind free the mind will come more in control. The wrong and negative thoughts will slowly vanish and you will feel peace. Imagine a pond with water when you throw a stone at it you will see large circles of water that will slowly become smaller and then the water will become calm again.

Swami Ji said that unless you can control your mind you will not be able to get spiritual enlightenment  You will not be able to control your own body and health. When your mind is in control you are in a better position to control your body. Doing the mind control experiments will make the mind strong and will help you to purify your soul. As you do the mind control experiments you will soon realise that you are becoming one with god. You will be experiencing a sense of calm and peace.

Spirituality makes us happy. A person who is gloomy or sad can never enjoy the true feeling of spirituality. When you practice mind control experiments you will start praying for people. You will pray that everyone is happy and they are at peace. You will want the same for yourself too. You will not ask god for money and success. You will realise that there is more to life than materialistic joys.

Swami Vivekananda said that you should spread joy. If you have a sad mood you will impart sadness to the people around you. If you are happy from within people around you will feel that too. If you are not happy you should stay in your room. If you step out with that mood then you will make someone or the other upset as you are upset. The mind control experiments will help you to control your mind and ensure that you are always happy and at peace no matter what happened to you.

The mind control experiments can also increase concentration power of the person practicing it. It is a very strong method of meditation. Even the western world follows the technique. It is quite true that if you cannot control your own self how will you control others.

Some people feel that with mind control experiments you cannot control your health. However, the people who practice mind control experiments say that your body is controlled by your mind. If you tell your body that the body is absolutely fine and nothing is wrong with it the body will slowly start believing it and become healthier. Even the medical world has accepted that mind control experiments do work even with health.

We all have a mind of our own. Each mind is different some are strong and some are weak. However, with mind control experiments you can learn the art of controlling your own mind. You will realise how you can make your mind stronger and improve your will power and health. Similarly the ones who think a lot and worry about things can feel calm by practicing the mind control experiments.

A Personal Experience

We had requested our readers at the time of publication of this article if they could send us some practical experiences which could be published where they used mind control to overcome arduous situations in life. Many of the entries we received were not publishable due to several reasons, some were too personal, some werent suitable and so forth.

A recent entry by a reader (name/identity kept private) where the person has beautifully depicted the transformation by changing the thought processes and applying power of thought to some normal adversities of life which often happen in this world. It shows the deep significance in context of this article and our main purpose of publishing this is to enforce the writing of the seers, thats it

10 years down the memory lane

A journey full of loneliness and pain

If I look back, don’t see any gain

Then why should I from life, refrain

Once upon a time was a lovely couple

There were fights and some normal scuffle

Yet they never imagined things would go so bad

And circumstances would turn so sour and sad

That life would just seem to be at a standstill

Would lose all joy and wont be any thrill

Yet life doesn’t end at one such event

For from the Almighty life is a beautiful present

So let the life go on all the more

Just be lively and happiness will be in store

Though it is only once that you can truly unite

When heart and soul are one no matter despite

Yet if this sacred bond breaks

And doesnt join even after whatever it takes

It is better to keep it as a cherished memory thread

For it was something with which you were born and bred

Perhaps such ties are difficult to retain and merge

Even when you try to the extreme and on the verge

Still there is a force which you cannot visualize

That Universal Power or Mother Nature which you realize

Her Will is Supreme no matter how much you try

Her ways are known to Her only, no matter you cry

But a slight reflection shows the real truth behind

Beyond the emotional clouds and beyond all the blind

Perhaps with the experience Mother Nature just tells

Do not be bound by desires, and don’t be in their spells

For true self is not affected no matter what occurs in the external

Life within life is that which is always eternal

No circumstances, no pain can touch your soul

Just to reach the Divine, if it is your goal

Let the Buddha in you always take prominence

Let the spiritual factor always play dominance

Then life will be happy and will always be pure

Then only will real joy come and you will be mature

Then you realize it doesn’t matter if it’s a decade or a life

Life is always new, joyous and beyond all strife

New ways will open and new paths will unfold

New people will join in with joys untold

Do not bother to keep any room for that dearth

For the karmic ties will ensure another birth

And then you will realize it is all shadow and light

For nothing was ever lost and there was never any plight

For the true self is the master of entire cosmos

And in that enlightenment all such events are dross

Let the light shine always with you

And the paths will illuminate out of the blue

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