Identifying A Genuine Diamond For Astrological Use

Identifying A Genuine Diamond For Astrological Use
How To Identify A Genuine Diamond For Astrology Purpose

Identify A Genuine Diamond

The use of diamonds in astrology apart from ornament making has been prevalent since long. Many people are suggested to wear diamond stone for astrology benefits. We will now discuss how to identify a genuine diamond for astrology purpose. Well diamond is an expensive stone.

We recommend that you buy it from a recognised dealer and you keep a receipt of the same with the copy of the bill. Always preserve these documents. When you are buying it for astrological purpose does consult the astrologer when you buy the stone. The carat and the clarity that is suggested by the astrologer go strictly by that.

The diamond is a clear and powerful stone. Some basic tests that you can do are when a diamond is placed in warm water it cools it down. When the diamond is placed in a block of butter it will solidify it even in room temperature.

Diamond is a hard rock. Never buy a diamond that is dull. A diamond that has a fog like formation inside must be avoided. If the stone has any red or black spots then please don’t buy the stone. It might be very bad to wear such a stone. When you touch the surface of the diamond it must be smooth and have no ridges.

A diamond cannot be brittle it is hard and the only stone that can cut it is a diamond. If you have any doubts don’t buy the diamond. You can also get the diamond tested from the gem lab and consider the certificate as a legal document. The diamond is transparent. You can see a ray of light passing through it with naked eye too. It will always sparkle and have a shine that cannot be matched. These are the physical features that you can definitely check in the diamond before you buy the same.

When you hold a diamond in front of a light and you look closely you will see a one or two tiny black spots. These spots are deposits of carbon that naturally all diamonds will have. If there are no such spots then the stone is a glass piece. When the light passes through a diamond it will come out as a one ray of light and not spread out.

You will never be able to see the skin of the person wearing it beneath the stone like in other stones. This is so because diamond will trap the light entering the stone and not let it out. The diamond has fifty eight sides. If even one is missing the light will not pass as mentioned above through a diamond.

The diamond should not have a crack on it. Diamond is a natural stone so it might have a cloud like formation inside. However, the cloud like formation should not be too big.

The diamond must be exactly of the same cut, carat and clarity as mentioned by the astrologer. It must be a solitaire if you are wearing it for astrological purpose. A clutter of small stones is of not much used in astrology. The stone must be worn in gold always.

Wear it in the same finger the astrologer has suggested you. You can also wear it as a pendent. Diamond is a powerful stone keep it under your pillow for about three days. If you don’t get any bad dreams only then make an amulet of it and wear it.

I hope you have got a clear understanding of how to identify a genuine diamond for astrology purposes. Well the steps we have mentioned above are simple and if followed well they can save you from a lot of trouble. You can also check out this article on how and where to purchase gemstones without getting cheated. All the best with your diamond purchase.

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