Religion And Same Sex Marriage

Religion And Same Sex Marriage
Religion And Same Sex Marriage

Religion And Same Sex Marriage

The very topic of religion and same sex marriage raises quite a few eyebrows for various reasons and we are here to discuss exactly that. Marriage is a union that exists all across the world and in all the religion. The way people get married might be different, the ceremonies and the traditions too might differ.

However, there is something that remains the same and that is the ideology of marriage. It is a union of a man and women. It is a ceremony where both the families come together as one. We will now discuss about the various changes in social marriage that has taken place over the years. We will also discuss about religion and same sex marriage.

In the olden days the girl and the boy would not even meet before the ceremony. The parents would decide. The marriages were arranged by the families. There was also a very popular tradition to get children married. With time these concepts were challenged. Girls were getting educated; they wanted to select the boy they like. Even men started to realise that it is better to know someone and get married. This was how love marriage started. Young boys and girls would meet. They would date and then get married. This was quite a phenomenal change in the ancient traditions of marriage.

Child marriage is wrong no doubt. Many social workers and political leaders ensured that they created awareness about this practice and as a result these marriages were stopped. Ideologies change with time no doubts about that.

After love marriage the next change that marriage saw was inter cast and inter country marriage. Today it is not impossible to find an American getting married to an Indian. A Muslim getting married to a Christian is also seen. This did shake the sentiments of the people across the word. However, everyone slowly accepted this too.

Even divorce was a shock to the concept of marriage initially. Marriage was based on the belief that till death do us apart. With divorce this just became a distant fantasy. There was a stigma that was associated with it too. No religion has anything mentioned about divorce. Nevertheless, with time it was accepted. Today there are people who have done three to four marriages in one life,  whereas earlier the saat pheras or seven circles were considered to be an unbreakable bond.

The concept of marriage was originally started so that there is a discipline in the society. It ensured that sex happened only between married couples. The main role of marriage was to ensure that couples have children and the generations move on. With time the new change that marriage saw was the marriage of same sex.

Religion and same sex marriage does not go hand in hand. Marriage between same sexes defeats the very purpose of marriage. How can two people of the same sex have children? This is exactly why same sex marriages are not approved by any religious sentiments across the world. Some don’t even want to discuss about the topic.

In this world where we preach equality for all and we say that everyone has the right to live as they want. This is exactly why the couples of same sex claim that as per their fundamental rights they can get married. The religious leaders on the other hand say that this is setting very bad example for the generations to come.

They also claim that these marriages will damage the concept of marriage forever. The debate is ongoing. Perhaps both the parties are right on their parts. Even socially it is very difficult for people to accept this change. It is equally difficult to convince the parents and the families.

Many countries today have legalised the concept of same sex marriage. In many countries religious ceremonies are not possible but these marriages can happen in courts. These couples can also adopt children jointly. Some countries don’t support these adoptions. However, research proves that these children will not have any problems. They will grow into responsible citizen. These changes have been possible after lesbians and gays from all over the world have openly protested against the marriage laws. Today some same sex couple also opt for surrogacy.

For centuries the lesbians and the gays would not discuss their problems openly. They would suffer all their lives. With awareness and education these people have realised their rights. They know exactly what they want from life and how they will get it. The religion cannot accept same sex marriage whole heartedly as the beliefs are very conservative and traditional. The struggle is on.

It will not be surprising if in another few years these marriages become more common all across the world. As we have already discussed that all changes that marriage has seen so far, were initially opposed to but eventually were accepted. This too maybe the case with same sex marriage, we will have to wait and watch.

I hope we have been able to explain well what same sex marriage is all about. The point of religion and same sex marriage were also discussed well enough. It is said that change is what remains constant. We can say the same for marriages too.  Perhaps the marriage ceremonies will also be adapted to ensure same sex marriages. Let’s just wait and watch.

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