Goddess Dhari Devi’s Temple

Goddess Dhari Devi’s Temple

We have often heard of many stories that connect God with our lives. When there is a disaster the first question we ask is “how can God be so cruel?”. Perhaps God has his own ways of punishing us. This is the same question that people are asking after the recent Uttrakhand carnage where nature turned ruthless.

The Maa Dhari Connection

In this article we will discuss about Goddess Dhari Devi’s Temple. We all have heard about the terrible cloudburst that happened in Uttarkahand. The cloud burst was so horrible that in a short span of time it created havoc. Most of the things that existed in the vicinity were literally destroyed or damaged.

Dhaari Maa Temple

Dhaari Maa Temple

Thousands of people died and many more went missing. If we look at it from a scientific point of view cloud bursts can happen. The weather department had even predicted heavy rains in the region. On the other hand if we look at the mysteries that surround the Uttarkahand flood there are questions that cannot be answered by science and logic.

Some Mysteries

The first is the Kedarnath temple remained intact without a scratch when all the other constructions around it were completely destroyed. The Shivling inside the temple was again intact. The belpatra on the Shivling was also untouched. This is definitely strange. The Shivling did not even go inside the sludge to make the mysteries even deeper. Perhaps it is God’s way to tell us that He is there and Will always be.

The flood in the Uttarkahand were  so ravishing that it seemed as if God was punishing us for something that should not have been done. The believers say that this might be the shifting of the Goddess Dhari Devi’s Temple. Goddess Dhari Devi’s is a form of Goddess Kali. She protects all the char dhams or the four places of pilgrimage. It is said that her idol should not be relocated from the position. It is from this location that she can control all the char dhams.

About Maa Dhari

The Goddess Dhari Devi is said to have immense powers. It is believed by the locals that the Goddess changes forms during the day. From a child she turns to a woman and then to an old lady. Goddess Kali and Lord Shiva are both the Gods of destruction. They have the powers to end the world. This is exactly why they must be worshipped and kept pleased. If the Goddess Kali gets angry she can destroy everything that comes on her way. Perhaps this is what she did in this case.

A Previous Incident

In 1882 a local king also tried to relocate the Goddess Dhari Devi’s temple. Even then a bad landslide had come and it had almost flattened the Kedarnath. The king realised his mistake and he replaced the Goddess Dhari Devi’s temple to where it was. Since then the locals belive that the Goddess Dhari Devi has immense powers and shifting her temple can draw a bad curse on the region.


In 2013 again the discussion started on shifting the Goddess Dhari Devi’s temple. This time the reason was development. The aim was to make way for the 330 MW hydel projects that was being built by the Alaknanda Hydro Power Company Ltd (AHPCL). The Goddess Dhari Devi’s temple was located in the middle of the Alaknanda River on a small island. The location was a hindrance to the project. The localities and the Saints of the region had warned that shifting the Goddess Dhari Devi’s temple can bring danger to the region.

The government and the hydel power company did not pay any heed to these protests. They thought that these were just local stories and absolutely baseless. The worst that was feared came true. In spite of all the protest the Goddess Dhari Devi’s temple was shifted from its location to a new seat.

The Act – The Reaction

Around 7:30 PM on Sunday June 16th the idol of Goddess Dhari Devi’s was cut from its base and was taken to the artificial platform created. As soon as the idol was lifted there were heavy lightning and the cloud burst occurred. Interestingly the two pillars of the new temple made were also destroyed by the floods as a result the Goddess Dhari Devi’s idol was kept at a place close to its original location.

Perhaps it was God’s way to tell us that there are few things that should not be touched. It is good that development happens but not at the cost of things that we cannot replace. Perhaps the story of the Goddess Dhari Devi’s temple is just not digestible for one with a scientific palate. Still looking at the devastation, at the status of the Kedarnath temple and the timing of the cloud burst we cannot deny that there must be a deep connection between this incident and the wrath of Goddess Dhari Devi.

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