Free Astrological For Venus

Free Astrological For Venus

As per Hindu astrology there are nine planets that affect our destiny and the way we are going to succeed in life. We will discuss each of these planets in detail and one by one. We have to first understand the planet. Then we will discuss how to deal with the effects of these planets. Today we will discuss about the planet of love Venus.

Venus the planet if love. It is the brightest planet and is associated with beauty. Venus is associated with women with life. Even in Hindu astrology Venus is associated with Shakti the power of women. This is the ruling planet of Libra and Taurus. It is a very important planet as it determines the kind of love relationships you will have in your life. The equation you will share with your partner and the harmony in marriage is determined by this planet. Diamond is the stone for this planet. Anyone who has a weak Venus is recommended diamond. This is exactly why diamonds are so closely associated with marriage. Whether it is western countries or India diamond has always been associated with love and marriage. It is believed to have strengths to make relationships stronger.  However, just because it is associated with marriage you should not go ahead and wear it as it will have different effect on different people. Everyone should consult an astrologer and then wear a diamond as it is a very powerful stone. If Venus is very strong then it can make the person a flirt and not very serious about relationships.

Venus represents water element and the colour associated with it white. The metal that is associated with this planet is silver. It is a symbol of spring. Its direction is south east. In Hindu astrology is believed to be associated with the month of Jayesh tha that is belonging to kuber the treasurer of the gods. This is exactly why this planet is also associated with luxury and lavishness. Sukhra dasha if starts stay for twenty long years in any ones horoscope. This is the longest dasha that is known in Hindu astrology. If you have Venus in the first house of your horoscope then these people are very romantic and long for sexual desires from a very early age. This can make them fall in bad company and do mistakes. We recommend serving a black cow, don’t marry at least till you attain the age of twenty five and marry as per others advise.

If Venus is in the second house then these people may lead to huge monetary loss in the last years of life. Women might be infertile and men will not have sons. In this case we advise that you take honey and saunf regularly to have a son. Feed potatoes to the cows. Give ghee to temples. If Venus is in third house then these men are flirtatious and have affairs with other women. We recommend you to be faithful to your wife and respect her. A Venus in fourth house means good wealth. It also increases the possibility of two wives. To ensure that you have a smooth life, try to get married to your wife again by changing her name. Throw rice and milk in running water to ensure that you have a peaceful relationship with elderly women in your life.

Venus in the fifth house of your horoscope may mean that the native will have to suffer a big misfortune in life. If that is the case we advise that you marry someone your parents choose for you. Serve cows and old women. Don’t try to get in an affair with another woman. Venus in the sixth house means that these men will do well in life post marriage. The luck of their wives plays a very important role in their life and helps them to earn more money. As per recommendation they must marry a woman after matching the horoscopes and they should also ensure that they keep their wives happy and their spouses should always wear gold. When Venus is in the seventh house these men always spend a lot on women. These people should do business that is associated with marriages. There are some things that you can do to ensure that you have a good life like serving red cows. Try to domesticate a white cow. Throwing blue flowers in dirty water for forty three days can always help.

Venus in eighth house means that these men will have highly short tempered wives. We advise these men to marry at least after attaining twenty five years otherwise their first wives will die. These people are also advised not to take any daan. They should do regular worships in temples. Copper coin and blue flower thrown in dirty water will make your life better. Venus in the ninth house does not bring in good results. These people will have a lot of money but the money will come only after very hard labour. These people must ensure that whenever they make a house they burry honey and silver. Try to wear a silver ornament all the time.

Moving to Venus in the tenth house of the natal chart, this makes the people very selfish and suspicious as a result they cannot have a good realtionshio with anyone. These people should stay away from non-veg food and alcohol. Venus in the eleventh house is a good sign. Venus in the twelfth house is also a very good indication. These men will have a good influence of their wives in their life. However, the wife may suffer from some ill health at times. We will recommend that you to donate cows. He along with his wife should do charity.

I hope this will help you to understand the effects of this planet and how it can influence your life. Nevertheless, we must tell you that the remedies that we have suggested above depend completely on the individual and the strength of this planet in their natal chart. It also depends on the position of the other planets in the natal chart. This is absolutely essential that you do consult a well learned astrologer who can help you understand which remedy you must follow. Please send in your detailed horoscopes to us for our expert astrologers to understand the same and advise you remedies accordingly.

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