The Meaning Of Karma

The Meaning Of Karma

Interesting isn’t it to know that whatever you are doing today will get back to you sooner or later and in some form or the other. We all have heard a lot about Karma and the effect it has on our lives. Some of us believe it some of are sceptical about it and some don’t know much about this eternal truth. We all know a little bit about karma and we don’t completely believe in its existence. Well today in this article we will tell you all that you perhaps need to know about this define power and its capabilities. I hope this will show you a path to a better spiritual life. However, the choice is completely yours to either follow it or not to. In case you decide to follow it then you might get some more knowledge about this way of life as you follow them.

Karma in Sanskrit means deeds. It is believed to be originally a part of Hinduism that preaches that if you do badly to someone that bad deed will come back to you in this life or other. In some form or other. If you escape law and no one gets to know what you did someday you will have to pay for it. The same goes for the good and noble deeds too. If you do anything good to someone then you will definitely get the reward back in some form or the other if not in this life then in some other life. This thought was also adopted by other religion like Jainism and Buddhism.  They all tell that if you do the right karma then you can reach moksha the divine enlightment. Some believe that destiny is what you make with your own hands. If you do well your luck will improve and good things will happen to you. If you help a poor man you will get help. If you give thousands you will get lakhs. You should not commit any sin you should not hurt anyone knowingly or unknowingly. Then you will have to face these negatives that you have done. Either in this life or the other these can be traced to Vedas the original Hindu scriptures.

Some karma known as Sanchita karma is accumulated over life times. Parabdha karma is experienced in one life time itself. To attain moksha one has to get rid of the Sanchita karma. It is old beliefs indeed. There is no scientific basis to these as we all know. In today’s world where we have to lie in everything and especially in office and to do well in our careers it becomes a little difficult to follow. Well the very interesting part however still remains that this is a belief that is found in Christianity also. It is like newton’s law that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Well, if you want proofs that no one will perhaps have any. In palmistry where the lines of our palms are read believes that when you do a good deed then the lines of your hands improves and you destiny too. Nevertheless when you do a wrong deed it can be any deed that is morally wrong. Like you break a heart that loves you, you betray a friend who trusts you, you punish someone who was never guilty at all the lines of your palm changes. These deeds have the power to even reduce your life span. That’s how powerful deeds can be. They can change your destiny forever.

In Hindu astrology it is said that some people are born with such planetary positions that ensures that they carry the deeds of their past life into their present life. Some people who have done good to others or they died serving the country and some big purpose. Due to some reason they died early in their previous life as a result they could not reap the fruits of their good deeds. These deeds are carried forward to the next life where they can enjoy the fruits of their deeds. It also happens with wrong deeds. Sometimes we experience something very bad in this life like death of a very close person we feel why me the answer might me in karma.

Some people face a lot of problems in whatever they do. Some fall sick just before an important meeting or exam. Some people are never lucky in love and marriage. Some women cannot conceive. There are many such problems that we face for which we don’t have any answers. Even doctors and scientists cannot explain some of these. Some people survive near to death accidents. Some babies survive even the most difficult pregnancies. Perhaps it’s true that good and bad deeds live longer than we think them to be. You tend to meet all those you had associated with in your this life. Some of them come back to complete the cycle of life and death. There is also a concept of karmic soul mates. A good spiritual advisor or an astrologer can help you to live a better life that is good for your karma. In this lifetime try to be as honest as possible follow a religion for peace of mind. Learn to forgive and forget always try to spread happiness. Try to be happy from within. Learn the joy of giving and to be happy with things that money will never be able to buy. These small things if followed can help you have a better karmic life.

So what have you decided do you want to follow this path or you want to live a live away from this divine experience? I hope you have got all your questions about karma resolved by reading this article. All the best with your newly acquired knowledge and also with the realisation that karma is something that is eternal it is an energy that no time can change and a strength that will stay with you even in your next life.

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