Dog’s Sixth Sense

Dog’s Sixth Sense
Dog Sixth Sense

Dog Sixth Sense

A dog is a man’s best friend but dogs have a sixth sense. Many of us love to keep pets. Some of us like to pamper them. Some of us hate to get back to an empty house. A dog can be a great companion. They can understand emotions and love much more than a man can. We will now discuss a little about the debatable topic – Dog’s sixth sense.

When you meet any pet owner you will get to know how the pets ensure that the house is safe. It is believed that pets specially dogs can sense a disaster much earlier. When the tsunami happened in 2004 my neighbour’s dog started to behave weird.

It is generally active but on that day it sat at one place and refused to eat. Perhaps it was scared of something. My uncle was seventy and he had a dog. My uncle would generally be alone during the day. One day the dog started to bark and howl. It went and got the neighbours to the house. It was because my uncle got a stroke. It was because of the dog that he was saved.

If dogs could speak perhaps we would get a better idea about the dog’s sixth sense. Well let us clarify that the mind of the dog is simple. It is not as intelligent as a human being. Then how exactly does it find out things that we cannot even feel. Well the experts and the doctors have justification. We need justification as science cannot ever accept facts on face value.

The ability of dogs to smell is about thousand times stronger than men. This is exactly why they are used as police dogs. They can hear even the slightest of sounds. Even a small noise that is miles away can be audible to them. This is because they are gifted with ears that are one thousand times more powerful than a normal man.

The dogs can sense tsunami and earthquakes much before they happen this is because they can experience even the slightest of vibrations. We as man have a complex mind. We try to analyse all that we see. We use our mind and we try to find explanation. This is exactly where the dogs differ. They can perhaps see the same things but they are not judgemental. They react to things the way they are.

They don’t try to justify what they are seeing. When a man is about to get a stroke there are some physical changes that a dog can see. For example his master may all of a sudden start to sweat; the pupil of the eye may enlarge, etc. These small changes might not mean a lot to us but the dogs can sense the change and they set an alarm. We would definitely not call this a sixth sense but it is just the ability to look at the simple facts of life. Facts that we often ignore as human beings is observed by the dogs.

Any dog owner will tell you that dogs can also interact with the dead. They can see the supernatural. Many a times they will bark at the thin air. This is when there is no one. They might amaze you but it is true that when your dog starts interacting with the unknown that means there is something evil in your house. Dogs can feel the change in temperature.

They can see the auras that we often miss. Even the scientists and the ghost hunters do belive that dogs can feel the presence of ghosts much before a human being. So now you know the additional benefits that you can enjoy with a dog in the house.

Dogs are good with children they can protect them and raise an alarm in emergency. This is exactly why children are more attached to dogs. The dogs can easily understand the intention of the visitor. When you get a dog you will notice that there are people to whom it will be friendly and there are some visitors it will dislike instantly.

Next time when you see your dog behaving strange don’t ignore it. The dogs cannot speak but with their action they can communicate volumes. Dog’s sixth sense is definitely there and it is very powerful.

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