What Are Astro maps?

What Are Astro maps?

imagesCAKJRNQVWe all know that astrology helps us to understand the future and what it has in store for us. An important concept associated with astrology is that of astro maps. We will now discuss about what are Astro maps.

What are AstroMaps?

It is a different concept indeed. However, it is very interesting and can help us a lot to understand the future of the individual. Let us first understand the difference between Astro maps and natal chart. The natal charts give the location of the planets. They tell us a lot about how exactly will one particular planet affect our lives and what will be its influence.

For example it will analyse the position of a particular planet and how this planet will influence the life of the person. For example if the sun is weak then the person will not have a good career. Similarly if the Jupiter is strong the native will be good with money. Each planet is associated with a quality. Similarly as per the position of the planet the character of the native is determined.

There are nine planets that are considered in natal chart. There are Rahu and Ketu also that are considered to play a vital part. The concept is indeed different but they both have an important role to play in the life of an individual. We will discuss the same in more detail.

However, now that you know what a natal chart is we will discuss a little on Astro maps. As the name itself suggests these are maps that are prepared based on the position of the planets at the time of birth. In this case the whole globe is taken into consideration.  The Astro maps on the other hand say the exact location of the planets on the globe at the time of your birth.

These planets state which countries will be good for you and which will be not. If your planets of success are in United Sates then that means when you go to that country you will get success. If the planet of love on a country like Dubai then that means this country will make you happy and give you pleasure.

For making an Astro map all that you need is the exact time of birth. This will give the position of the planets all across the globe at the time of birth. The cost of making an Astro map is not very expensive. All that you need to provide is the time and place of birth. When you give the place of birth the latitude and longitude of the place of birth will give the position of the planets. With this position of the planets the experts can guess which cities and countries will be good for a person.

With these analysis one can decide which city you should join a job. This will also help you to decide where you should open branches of your business in case you are an entrepreneur. These Astro maps will also tell you about the cities that you should avoid as they may bring you bad luck. There can be cities where you will meet with accidents. You must avoid them. There are cities that will prove unlucky and you may lose money. All these information are available in Astro maps.

You must consult an expert and get these Astro maps made. These can be done online also. However, it is important that you find someone who is an expert. The analysis of the Astro maps is not an easy task. It has to be done by experts only. There are few astrologers who specialise in the same. These Astro maps are becoming very popular slowly but steadily.

Many professionals and business men are using these services. I hope this article has given you a rough idea about Astro maps and their advantages. The idea was simply to give you a better idea about the concept of Astro maps. We wish you all the luck with your personalised Astro maps.

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