All About Cancer (SunSign) Men

All About Cancer (SunSign) Men

Cancer men can also be called the “clinging crab”. In this article we will try to give you all the information that you may need to know in order to deal with a man who belongs to this sign of the zodiac.

All About Cancer Men

Cancer is one of those signs in the zodiac that can be considered highly emotional. These men are emotional and can be hurt with small things. They can be a perfect life partner if you know how to deal with them and take care of their emotions. The aim of our article “all about cancer men” is to help the women reading it know the points that they can use to conquer and rule the heart of a Cancer man.

Few Noticeable Traits

The first thing you must know that Cancer men are highly emotional. They are not practical and they just cannot use intellect in making decisions. He is unimaginably caring and can be very giving in a relationship. So if you are the demanding type the Cancer man is all that you would need.

The Cancer men can talk a lot and talk well. Cancers do not like change they want stability in life. So you can be rest assured that you have got a faithful partner in a cancer man and he will never cheat on you.

To win a cancer man you have to make them assured that they can expect the stability that they need in life from you. Once you can assure them that your job is half done.

Mixture of Romance & Hard Work

These men are blessed with a great sense of romance that will last even after years have passed. Similarly they also have a great sense of humour that can make you laugh your heart out at times. This is quite an interesting combination in a man.

Moon is the ruling planets of Cancer no wonder it makes them emotional and very sensitive. The cancer men are very hardworking and as a result they do well in life. They like women who are career oriented and hardworking like them. One problem that you may face with a Cancer man is that he will try to get possessive. He may want you to spend most of your time with him.

This can be a little difficult if you want a “me” time and a time to hang around with your own friends. This can get a little irritating. Perhaps this is one of the negative aspects that you will have to deal with. Most of the cancer men are homely types.

They like to stay at home and spend some quite time. Unless they have a very opposite moon sign the cancer men are not the partying types. Some women may find this trait a little boring and dull.

Lunar Mood Cycle

As the moon changes its shapes over the month the cancer men also change their moods. You will not be able to understand what makes their mood swings so drastic even after spending years with them.

The Cancer men like beauty they will fall for any pretty face they come across. They are creative by nature and you can find them in art galleries and exhibitions. This trait will make them do the house and also keep adding to the decor of the home.

Cancer Men

Cancer Men

This can be a good point as you will have a husband who keeps changing the look of your house with his creativity and imaginations. They also try to keep the home clean and tidy. Not a bad catch I would say!

Matters of Heart

Now let’s get to the matter of the heart. You may be dating a Cancer man for years and wonder when would he actually pop the question??? Well the answer is even if he is crazy about you he will hesitate the simple reason is the fear of rejection. So what do you do we have some tips here:

1. Talk to him about all that he likes to do. Make him realise that you too have the same passion and interest. Join him to the galleries and exhibitions that he visits and show interest as he talks about his hobbies passionately.

2. Listen to him and his dreams. To the point that you can make him belive how much you care for his dreams. You have to get deep into him and try to understand the real man behind all that you see around him.

3. The Cancer man is very close to his family. Try to get close to his family and know them better. This can be a good way to make him realise how much you care about him. Talk about his family and try to understand what they like and not like. When you show interest in knowing his family he may feel that you are really interested in him. You never know when he will pop the question.

4. As we have said before Cancer men like beauty so try to look your best when you meet the Cancer men. Wear a flirty dress and put some floral perfume that can do wonders to the Cancer men. He a little soft and wear some nice heels. They like women who have a good taste in life. Do not look like a tom boy if you want to floor a cancer man. Be as feminine as you can.

5. If he asks you for dinner tell him that he can come home and you will cook a meal for two. Show him how good you are as a home maker and make him believe that you too share his dreams of having a home and spending a lifetime together. This can really win over a cancer man forever.

6. Compliment the Cancer men and make them feel special. When you appreciate them they feel good and feel positive that they have a good chance with you.

7. If all of the above tips that we have given so far does not do the magic then try to make him jealous. Ignore him and spend more time with a friend of his in a party. See how he reacts. It may be funny to see the crab trying hard to control his emotions. The fear of losing you to another man can make them very restless and gloomy. This can do the final trick for sure.

We have tried to discuss almost all the points that you need to know about the cancer men. We have mostly tried to look at it from a dating and a relationship point of view. If you land up marrying the clinging crab then you will have to continue with all the points that we have given so far.

If you cannot deal with these sentiments for a life time then you must give a second thought before entering such a relationship. Hope this article “All about cancer men” will help you to take a good decision.

Anyways love follows no rule and if your love is strong no matter what happens you will be together always. After all the romantic and sensitive crab is not a bad idea for a woman who wants peace and stability in the home front. If you are the woman who needs a little extra care and pampering then the cancer man is all that you need.

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