All About Cancer (Sunsign) Women

All About Cancer (Sunsign) Women

If you are in love with a Cancerian woman or you want to woo a Cancer woman then this article on “All about cancer women” will be of great use to you. We have already discussed the personality traits of a cancerian man in case you are a female and dating such a person. Now we do the opposite and study about cancerian woman.

Mood Swings

Cancer is ruled by the moon so the mood swings are an integral part of the cancer woman’s personality. Even if you have spent a lifetime with the cancer woman you may still never know what her mood would be like today. Some may get scared of this unpredictability on the other hand some men may find it exciting. Well we will tell you some more about this crab and then you can decide on your own what you need to do.

Cancerian Woman

Cancerian Woman

Extra Sweetness & Caring

Sometimes you may be wondering is the cancer woman actually so caring or she is just trying to be extra sweet to you and this will fade away as you are in a long term relationship. Well it will never fade like the stars around the moon a cancer woman will continue to shower you with care and love forever. She is definitely sensitive and emotional to the core. She can cry at the drop of a hat. She just cannot help feeling the pain of a person who matters to her.

This can be quite irritating at times no doubt but this can make you feel really pampered and cared too. If you are among those men who need a wife who will take care of you always then Cancer woman is the best bet in the zodiac cycle. The Cancer women do not open up easily.

Like a crab has shells around them it will take you some time to know what the cancer woman in your life is all about. She may seem cold and aloof in the beginning but as she starts to like you and you get closer to her you will see how warm and caring this lady actually is so be patient and just follow the tips that we are about to share with you now.

Dont Criticize 

The first point you must keep in mind when you are trying to win a Cancer woman is never criticize her for any reason. Even a slight bad or negative remark can shun her and take her miles away from you. This is one reason that Cancer women may not be a good match for the zodiac signs that are known to be direct and straight forward.

Motherly Attachment

The cancer women are by default very closely attached to their mother. So always try to be extra sweet to the mother and respect her. When the cancer woman notices how much you love her mother she will automatically start to develop a soft corner for you no matter how difficult it may seem to you just do it.

Take The Lead

The Cancer women are shy and they will never take the first move in a relationship. This is not because they have an ego or something. This is simply because they feel that what if you say a no. So you have to propose the question and wait for the answer to come in. This tip is extremely useful if you are serious about the cancer woman. Else even if she likes you she may become someone else’s simply because he asked first.

Dont Over Intrude

The cancer women may have some secrets and most of them like to write a dairy. Never read this dairy unless she tells you to. If you are over intruding the cancer woman can again get back into her shell. The cancer women are insecure and you will have to constantly appreciate them and assure them on how nice and charming they are.

If the cancer woman is upset and crying this is quite common as they are extremely emotional you must be ready to listen to what happened and wipe her tears even if this goes on for few days. If you do not show interest in knowing what happened she may feel that you do not care for her and have no feelings for her.

Pampering: The Universal Factor

The cancer women like all other women like to be pampered. If you give her an occasional flower or a small gift she will be happy and will not complain like some other women in the zodiac. They are pleased with simple things in life and are never very demanding. You have to keep assuring them that you still love them and they still look attractive even after years of marriage. This will reduce their insecurities as they are known to be one of the most possessive signs in the zodiac.

Jealousy comes to them naturally but if you can keep the above points in mind you will have peace at home. We must mention here that the cancer women are not aggressive and they will not make havoc at home if you are not faithful to them. They will just get extremely depressed and retire to their shell. If you do not take action on time you may lose her forever.

Even More Positive Aspects

If these tips we have given above are already scaring you let us make some points on the positive aspects of being in love with the female crab:

1. She is a great cook and more than that what is important is that she loves to cook. You will be treated with great food all your life you manage to get a cancer wife.

2. She will be a great home maker and you will never have to worry about your home even one day a year.

3. The cancer women are good with money and you will never have a credit card going over limit. She will manage the budget well and perhaps also manage to save some money. Well she is not stingy but she is not the ones who will over spend either.

4. You will notice that the cancer woman has the habit of hiding money so that when the need comes you can use this money.

5. Cancer women will be very sentimental so they will take care of the first gift you gave her, the first rose, the first photograph all will be very special to her.

6. The cancer women may seem weak but if you have a hard time in life you will always find her beside you and giving you the strength you need. This is because they will love you with all heart and beyond logic and reasoning. Sounds good in this material world right.

7. The cancer women are great mothers and they will be very possessive about the children. She will feed them and take care of them so much so that you will perhaps not even notice when they all grew up. She will too all this without any cribbing or frustration.

8. She is one of those few very women in the zodiac who are the most giving in a relationship. She will wait for you every evening. Make you a great meal. Look after your house and children. If you are worried she will listen to all that you have to say and make you feel better. She will do all these without a single complain and all that you need to do is be a little caring and sensitive to this cancer woman that’s all.

We hope that this article on All about cancer women will help you to understand all about the cancer women and how you can deal with these women and have a peaceful relationship with them.

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