Man vs God Debate: An Alternative Perspective

Man vs God Debate: An Alternative Perspective


Today let us look at an issue which is pretty sensitive as related to faith and humanity

We need to take care of both sides, rather than fight in debate, should retain sanity

Some of the customs were made as per scientific principles and needs of their time

It is not that they were without a reason or purpose, dont keep saying so like a rhyme

Of course the problem lies in adapting to the techniques as per the current need

For example we could do symbolic Snana, the rest we can use to provide feed

In the earlier days, when farming was purely organic, milk was used to maintain pH of soil

So they made a practice of offering milk to the deities, so farmers had less of a toil

Remember most faith does not work on principles, the power of mind knows no reason

However when it is only done as a tradition, depriving others, it is then a treason

So let us not blame the Gods, nor religion but the contractors of religion are to blame

Without understanding the science behind all this, they just make excuses so lame

God is pleased even with a 10 grams of prasadam, the rest should be used wisely

When we do so, the Gods will be super pleased, this is what They want precisely

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