Distance vs Love: The Un-Mathematical Equation

Distance vs Love: The Un-Mathematical Equation


As the world moves towards a more materialistic mode, the meaning of love changed

The entity so pure and so innocent, just got converted to lust, just so much deranged

The so called modern generation does not know what Laila Majnu for what they stood

It is so painful to know all they know is about physical attraction under the desecrating hood

Even the Sufi Saints sing of Love that is the only the purest force in the world such great

That is the only thing which can save this world when it is so full of anger and mindless hate

True love is from the soul it automatically transcends all boundaries of space and time

Only one with the purest emotion can understand this secret, so deep and so sublime

The rest are only fooling themselves for it does not have room for any slightest doubt

It just happens no matter what the external appearance, fat, slim, thin, lean or stout

Only a true love can survive the onslaught of distance and it will get kindled by space

At the end of the day you will so proud of having gone through it, it will be just Grace

We salute those families those who stay apart yet remain so bound and attached

For it requires a resolve which is beyond the ordinary, it is not easily matched

The greater the love, the more it will grow, it will not extinguish despite of the storm

For that is the true sign of attachment, the sages say it is the one and only norm

When a sailor goes out in the wild wild sea, the family says dont worry just sail

We will brave this world, you brave the oceans, we are strong, we are not frail

When the solider goes out into the front and does not know if he shall return

The brave are always happy, go if you dont return, it will be next our turn

True love believes in freedom, only the low level minds can imagine a chain

For such low act, once has to be of lowest character and literally without a brain

The more you grow and expand, the entire universe will be at your beck and call

Then only can you imagine ever being in true love, you can certainly stand tall

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