LIP not RIP Should be the Mantra

LIP not RIP Should be the Mantra


Whenever we hear the news of someone passing away, we say RIP or rest in peace

That is the only time when perhaps we think one is fully honest, not a trace of fleece

But why is it so that we only rest in peace, why cannot be live in peace for all times

If we can do such a thing, we can perhaps have a much better life full of sweet chimes

So let us make a resolve today that we will live by LIP and living by RIP will be on its own

For there is not much point in resting in peace, if life is not peaceful and one is already gone

Life is meant to be lived, not just the passing of time does not count as life on this heavenly earth

Unless you realize this principle and live by it, you might be required to take birth after birth

So go in peace, live in peace and then rest in peace for your entire life shall be a true story

Then only you have the option to reach your inner soul, your true goal and your true glory

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