Keep Water For The Birds In Summers

Keep Water For The Birds In Summers

Take a pledge today that whether it is winter or summer season

You should help the little birds for this very big powerful reason

Nature provided them with plenty of resources to quench thirst

Humans looted them of these resources keeping themselves first

So while in the jungle there is plenty of food, water to eat n drink

In the cities and concrete jungles, extinction is around the brink

So make sure you fulfill your responsibility towards mother nature

Else you cannot claim that humans beings have elevated stature

Follow few principles while you help these birds in scorching heat

Clean the utensil daily to prevent mosquitoes making it a retreat

Put fresh water everyday, fill it upto the brim and leave it alone

Keep it at a position which is safe for them and not predator prone

Keep in touch with nature, that is the only way, you can keep chill

To see them drink with so much joy, it is certainly elation n thrill

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