Be Happy At All Times

Be Happy At All Times

Learn to be happy always and at all times

Learn to always spread cheers and chimes

If you are happy without any solid reason

If it doesnt matter, which situation or season

Then you have risen above circumstances, a yogi

Else you are just bound in chains, like a bhogi

There is never a reason for you to lose hope

There is no situation in which you cannot cope

The limitations you think are of your own making

Why stand like a coward, trembling and shaking

Like a lion you should always be strong and roar

That you can overcome anything, just be sure

Love nature, love people, love even the strangers

Forget about the hesitations and supposed dangers

Life is full of excitement, so just keep moving ahead

For that is the sign of life, else you are a living dead

There is so much pressure in life of all these days

That people are just wanting to find easy ways

In the process of finding joy they indulge and drink

They just spoil their health which was once in pink

If you are able to smile, consider yourself cool

For most people in the world snap, cry and drool

So learn to be like Buddha and just keep a smile

You will forget worries that very moment and while

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