The Sai Connection

The Sai Connection

There is a soul in each living being on this earth

The same universal spirit is born in every birth

Yet only a few realized souls can know this connection

For others it is just a survival race, a natural selection

So whenever you see such a being in plight

When they suffer so much, how can you enjoy the delight

Sai said, if you feed a hungry lonely soul, its serving God

Even if you spend millions to show off, its just fake n fraud

Do not do it out of mercy or compassion

Neither do it out of show off or mere fashion

For if He wants, he can make thousands of ways anytime

He can bestow unlimited riches on those without a dime

It is only for your own purification that you should do such deed

It will help you to transcend above all differences, caste or creed

When you realize that even animals are a part of nature

Then you will feel that power within you, of the highest stature

Today as the Sai connection is celebrated across various states

It is time to act rather than indulging in mere verbal debates

For Sai always told to stay happy and enjoy the colours of life

So that is the reason people play holy and rise above strife

Such was the holy played by the people of Punjab on this advice

It reminds of the Sai’s teachings, long after His material demise

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