How to connect young generation to God?

How to connect young generation to God?

Today we are going to discuss a topic which most of us will think as futile for we have already formed a concept in our mind that young generation and God are poles apart. But is it really so?

GenX-Y & God

The video here gives a brief description about the problem though it is just a short introductory video and we will be back with more soon.

We should not treat God as some entity which is closely related to ritualistic phenomenon but rather we should consider it as a reality which has a place in our everyday life just like everyone and everything else.

How should youngsters connect to God?

Given the pragmatic nature of today’s education, the relevant question should be, why should I connect to God?

Once the importance is realized in the practical context, the rest should follow suit so let us try to find an answer to this first… be continued….

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