Greater Than The Mightiest Beasts

Greater Than The Mightiest Beasts

Love has the power to tame even the wildest and fiercest of the beast

Yet is is one of the most misunderstood term to say the least

The modern generation only knows lust in the name of love

While it is as pure as the earthbound crystal, as innocent as dove

The universal sense of belonging as has the true mystic Saint

It does not require any artificial flavour, neither any other paint

It should spring from within and will flow outside you can feel

It will ooze out like fresh juice from a fruit you can peel

It needs to be experienced, it needs not to be verbally told

For so precious it is, you cannot even compare it with gold

It is the wealth of all wealth, the ultimate thing to dispense

How will they understand it, on even word who take offense

Come, let us join in this universal belonging on this day

Let this vibration spread everywhere, let us daily Pray

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