Happy Valentine’s Day 2017

Happy Valentine’s Day 2017

We wish everyone a very Happy Valentine’s Day

May your life be filled with love we just Pray

Also more importantly we wish that you could learn

That the love which is meant is the true soul yearn

This happens when the mind is so pure and free of lust

For in the modern times, it has been wrongly thrust

The young generation believes in love as a bodily pleasure

That is the only parameter and that is the only measure

However true love has nothing to do with either gender

It surpasses the flesh, for it is beyond the sensory splendor

The true love can only exist within a soul and its creator

It is only when you realize that this entire world is a threatre

Only when you see the same spirit in all forms living and throw the sword

That you celebrate the Valentine’s day in the true sense of the word

So let us hope that the world understands the true meaning once again

Until then it is just a commercial festival celebrated for material gain

If possible just go out with a mind filled with love for all poor and downtrodden

Visit those whom humanity has left at their own fate and have been forgotten

Feed someone who is on the street and does not have even a square meal

If you fill your own stomach and your GF’s what is the big deal

It is only when you think selflessly that the God within you is bit awake

That is the only deed which should be repeated so that you can shake

The slumber within you will only break from this shaking if it is constant

The moment you realize this is the true valentine moment and instant

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